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JOB: Graphic Designer

Posted on: 15th Apr 2019
Due on: 26th Apr 2019

Avas Online

Avas Online is a newspaper registered with the Government of Maldives under the relevant laws and regulations. The newspaper Avas Online was registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs on 6 November 2014 and operates as an Online Web-based Platform.

The title of the newspaper “Avas” is defined in Dhivehi language as the antonym of “slow”; synonymous with “quick” and “speedy”; and as “accomplishing a task before schedule”. The phrase “Avas Habaru” in Dhivehi is also used for “Breaking News” applied in the press.

The newspaper strives to facilitate the full potential of the Freedom of Expression guaranteed under all the rights and principles enshrined in the Constitution of Maldives – with balance, proficiency and free of influence.

Sheeraazee Kanmatheege,Seeraazee Goalhi
Phone: 3011533
Fax: 3011534
News Desk: [email protected]
Advertising Department: [email protected]
Administrative Affairs: [email protected]
"Avas iulaan" is a platform that combines listing features for jobs, announcements, tenders and education opportunities. A project by Avas.
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